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Lavender Flower CBD Honey (6oz.)


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Each half-teaspoon serving contains 17mg of full-spectrum hemp extract, with a CBD:THC ratio of 12:1. Tasty relaxation, from its floral aroma to mild lavender aftertaste! We infuse our wildflower honey with organic lavender flower, rather than essential oils. We believe this process offers more authentic lavender taste and aroma, pairing seamlessly with the robust natural honey flavor. Because we are infusing wildflower honey from our hives and those of partner beekeepers in North Carolina and Virginia, the color and taste varies slightly since the bees utilize different nectar sources depending upon the time of year and its availability. As you can see in the customer testimonies, some would not have expected to enjoy lavender taste but were unexpectedly delighted. Checkout what they had to say in the Testimonies section of the Knowledge Center Page.






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