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Blueberry Goat Cheese CBD Calming Biscuits


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A calming crunch packed with all-natural blueberries and goat cheese. Try these biscuits for high energy and anxious dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes.
Size chat: under 20lb: 0.25 Biscuit, 20-40lbs: 0.5 Biscuit, 40-70lbs: 1 Biscuit, 70lbs+: 1.5 Biscuits.
Suggested use: 1-2 times daily. For severe cases, one dosage weight-class.

Each whole biscuit has a full-spectrum cannabinoid profile of: 8.6mg CBG, 0.8mg CBG, 0.4mg CBN, 0.2mg THC.
It has a “calming” terpene profile of: myrcene, terpinolene, A-pinene, limonene, and linalool.
Plus a blend of medicinal mushrooms including: lion’s mane, reishi, turkey tail, cordyceps, and chaga.

Other all-natural active ingredients include:raw honey, raw propolis, ginger root, chamomile, vitamin B1, brewers yeast, L-theanine, L-tryptophan, and passion flower, lactobacillus.

All-natural inactive ingredients: chickpeas, blueberries, goat cheese, emulsifier (phospholipids, coconut oil, propanediol, vitamin E), and rosemary extract.


30 pc., 5 pc.


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