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Q: What is delta8 THC?

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Q: What is delta8 THC?

A: And is it different than delta9 THC and delta10 THC?

They are both CBD isomers… But what is that? 

Naturally high levels of delta9 THC are still exclusively produced in the marijuana plant. Delta8 THC and delta10 THC have always existed naturally too, but only in low levels in both industrial hemp and marijuana plants.  

Delta8 and delta10 THC are unique in their own way but have similar psychoactive effects to their molecular-cousin, delta9 THC.

Recently, extraction labs have discovered how to yield high concentrations of delta8 and delta10 THC by molecularly transforming (isomerizing) CBD extracts. 
Isomers are molecules that are made up of the same groups of atoms but those atoms are arranged differently.  
In other words, the CBD molecule is able to be morphed (isomerized) into different cannabinoids through meticulous and specialized distillation practices. This is how delta8 and delta10 THC, as well as CBN concentrates, are created.   
But do not fear, your CBD products will not inherently change into THC while they sit on your counter at home. It takes lab processing. 

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