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Q: How do You Confidently Evaluate What CBD “Should Cost?”

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Q: How do You Confidently Evaluate What CBD “Should Cost?”

A: The average consumer is not familiar with the hemp cultivation process, which makes it hard to understand what products should cost.  
Plenty of people “do not know” what they should be paying for CBD. 

“Vertically integrated” companies “going from seed to shelf” is not unique to the hemp industry but is seen across all types of industries. 
Cannabis is special though — from the staggering variety of plant genetics — to growing, drying, and processing techniques. 
These unique twists are somewhat comparable to the craft beer industry, except growing hops plants is not controversial.   

With available educational resources, combined with collaboration and transparency, understanding the driving costs and trends behind CBD products is possible. 

We personally propagate our hemp from proven genetics, cultivate with robust but low-cost organics, have partner labs in North Carolina and nationwide to perform our hemp extraction, and by conducting our own product formulation and packaging, we are able to transparently give insight into our entire process.

Of course, there are exceptions to everything but putting the effort and consideration into pricing products appropriately works out best for the consumer and company, in the long run. 

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