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About Us

Pillar One

Plant a Tree Save a Bee

We contribute a portion of our revenue to local organizations that share our goals of combating the opioid epidemic and those supporting the pollinator population. Whether it be through addiction treatment and support, as well as pollinator research or habitat restoration, these two causes are near and dear to our hearts.

Pillar Two


Do you know your beekeeper? What about where your CBD comes from? We are proud to share our every step. From germinating seed and requeening our hives, to extracting hemp oil and infusing honey. Ask and we will answer. 

Pillar Three


Each of our products contains 5 types of cannabinoids, 5 varieties of medicinal mushroom extracts, and 5 primary terpenes. Vibrant ingredients paired with scientific innovation is met by our intention is to provide you the best experience possible.


Our mission is to support the pollinator population and combat the opioid epidemic. We work to improve our customers’ quality of life while supporting our local ecosystem. These commitments are underpinned by delivering affective wellness products, practicing regenerative-farming techniques, and providing resources intended to help all beings reconnect with themselves and our precious world. Each of these responsibilities is guided by open hearts and minds, abandoning dis-ease and embracing presence to Bee Here Now.  

Meet the Team


Chief Farm Dog, Field and Apiary Supervisor, and Positive Energy Facilitator


Allen Pickett: 

Founder, Beekeeper, and Hemp Cultivator




Also, a special thank you to our other teammates, our friends and family. There are too numerous to list but we are grateful to all of you who have helped make “this” possible.  



About Us

We are headquartered in Lewisville, North Carolina, where we focus our beekeeping & hemp cultivation practices around upholding and innovating regenerative agriculture techniques. 


We are dedicated to improving the life-force of our beautiful local ecosystem by continually planting perennial pollinator plants, seasonal cover crops and working to preserve our natural forests and water sources. 
Our open-source hemp “fertilizers” and “pest control” plant inputs are made up of indigenous microbes, composts, fermented plant juices, and other natural resources gathered primarily from around our farm. 


Our product line symbolizes the infusion of wellness benefits offered by the beloved honeybee and hemp plant. The creation and sale of each product are structured around providing our customers with the best products on the market at an affordable price-point while using proceeds from each sale to give back to our local community.  

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