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About Us

Pillar One

Plant a Tree Save a Bee

We contribute a portion of our revenue to local organizations that share our goals of combating the opioid epidemic and those supporting the pollinator population. Whether it be through addiction treatment and support, as well as pollinator research or habitat restoration, these two causes are near and dear to our hearts.

Pillar Two


Do you know your beekeeper? What about where your CBD comes from? We are proud to share our every step. From germinating seed and requeening our hives, to extracting hemp oil and infusing honey. Ask and we will answer. 

Pillar Three


Each of our products is formulated with the “Entourage Effect” and Maximum Bioavailability in mind. 
By integrating precise terpene blends and nano-emulsifying our Full-Spectrum and delta8THC extracts and terpenes, we aim to deliver the highest quality supplement products possible. Each of our products is triple-lab-tested to ensure consistency, potency, and quality.  


We work to improve our customers’ quality of life while supporting our local ecosystem. These commitments are backed by delivering best-in-class wellness products, implementing regenerative-farming techniques, and the focus on being industry leaders in quality, transparency, and traceability. Each of these responsibilities is guided by open hearts and minds, abandoning dis-ease and embracing presence to Bee Here Now.  

Meet the Team


Chief Farm Dog, Field and Apiary Supervisor, and Positive Energy Facilitator


Allen Pickett: 

Founder, Beekeeper, and Hemp Cultivator




Also, a special thank you to our other teammates, our friends and family. There are too numerous to list but we are grateful to all of you who have helped make “this” possible.  



About Us

We are headquartered in Lewisville, North Carolina, where we focus our beekeeping & hemp cultivation practices around upholding and innovating regenerative agriculture techniques. 


We are dedicated to improving the life-force of our beautiful local ecosystem by continually planting perennial pollinator plants, seasonal cover crops and working to preserve our natural forests and water sources. 
Our open-source hemp “fertilizers” and “pest control” plant inputs are made up of indigenous microbes, composts, fermented plant juices, and other natural resources gathered primarily from around our farm. 


Our product line symbolizes the infusion of wellness benefits offered by the beloved honeybee and hemp plant. The creation and sale of each product are structured around providing our customers with the best products on the market at an affordable price-point while using proceeds from each sale to give back to our local community.  


When I was in college, I witnessed firsthand the passing of a best friend from an accidental opioid overdose. At that moment, it felt like the whole world had stopped, and my sense of reality and self flattened and ceased to exist. I knew from that point onward I would dedicate my career and my life to helping people who face similar addiction, affliction, and dis-ease. 


A few years ago, when my father and I began beekeeping at our farm, I realized that much like the impact of the opioid epidemic, the loss of the honeybee and greater pollinator population would severely impact the environment and our societal function. Over the years we have personally lost numerous beehives to pesticides and other environmental pressures. The drastic decrease in the honeybee population serves as a “canary in the coal mine,” warning consumers that we must change our agricultural practices and ecological impacts. 


My inspiration for founding Honeybee Hemp stems from understanding every person suffers from dis-ease in the form of disease, internal conflict, or discomforts. Furthermore, too many people have been lead down a path of over-prescription and do not have access to alternative medicines. 
Our present-moment-awareness has been clouded as a consequence, which manifests in the form of stress, health issues, or exhaustion. Choose to abandon dis-ease and Bee Here Now. 

Cultivating Trust with the Abundance Mentality

There is “enough to go around,” creation over conquering, a symbiotic ecosystem. 


What do microbiology, Thanksgiving dinner, and good mental health have in common? They all symbolize abundance. 
When something is abundant there is more than enough to satisfy needs, by definition.  


At Honeybee Hemp Farms we view abundance as being not having. Being abundant. Proactively focusing our collective mindsets and efforts to cultivate trust. 
Eating Thanksgiving dinner as quickly as physically possible will make you feel sick. So, why rush? Why act on feelings of anxiety? No longer. 
Nature is not in a hurry. There is an abundance of microorganisms in every ecosystem and our bodies too, but if we mistreat ourselves, rushing through our lives constantly looking forward or behind, balance is lost. 


We are reaping what we sew and it all starts with mindset.

Honeybee Hemp Farms is in the business of cultivating abundant relationships built on the foundation of trust and the fellowship of life. 

Our products and services are how we ask for your trust and how we maintain that trust is our responsibility. 


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