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The CBD industry is full of smoke in mirrors and third-party distributors. Honey Bee Hemp Farms is paving the way for a local source of authentic CBD products with transparent business practices. HBHF’s CBD honey is the only way I take CBD products. By infusing their homegrown CBD into locally farmed honey I’m able to easily consume a completely natural product.


Pasquale C.

Valued Customer

I have been using Honeybee Hemp Farm products for about 7 months now and recommend it to everyone I know. Their delivery of high-quality products and commitment to regenerative organic agriculture while also making positive impacts on the North Carolina honeybee population keep me coming back for more. The honey is a great addition to any tea, peanut butter snack, or cheeseboard, and knowing exactly where it comes from and how it’s made makes it even sweeter. A few drops from the tincture have become a part of my nightly routine, helping me unwind the day and get a good night’s rest. Not to mention cost, but HHF is extremely well priced for the quality and effectiveness of its products. I won’t be trying other CBD companies anytime in the near future! My only recommendation to HHF is the honey packaging – the jar is great and some of the spoons I have do not fit in the jar for scooping but what about a squeezable bottle?


Valued Customer