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What is CBD?

What is Full-Spectrum, d8THC and everything in between? 

How Can Hemp Help? 

Where is the reliable information?  

What are Users Saying? 

What is your experience? And who can you trust? 

Customer Feedback

  • The CBD industry is full of smoke in mirrors and third-party distributors. Honey Bee Hemp Farms is paving the way for a local source of authentic CBD products with transparent business practices. HBHF’s CBD honey is the only way I take CBD products. By infusing their homegrown CBD into locally farmed honey I’m able to easily consume a completely natural product.

    Pasquale C.
  • My wife and I have really enjoyed using honey on a daily basis in teas, oatmeal, and morning smoothies. Its therapeutic effects are noticeable and I always feel more balanced and less anxious after eating the honey. I also love that it is a local product where bees are kept just a stone’s throw away from the Hemp plants, whereas other CBD products I’ve used are not locally produced. I highly recommend honeybee hemp farms to those looking for a great CBD product to help with anxiety and stress, it has certainly helped me.

  • HoneyBee Hemp Farms has been my favorite and only source for extremely effective, full-spectrum CBD products. I have been using their product for about 2 years now, and it has evolved into an extremely high-quality product. From my first tincture bottle to my latest one, this CBD has helped me with stress, anxiety, muscle soreness along with many other benefits. Personally, anxiety is the main reason I use CBD, and it really does work. I would recommend HoneyBee Hemp Farm to anyone looking for a safe, healthy, and natural CBD product.

    Robby C.
  • Great people and a great product.

  • Support transactions on the website.

  • Shopping on website with secure payments. Cookbook or something that shows the best ways to use the honey might be a good idea

    Chase M.
  • The logo & website are absolutely perfect!  Great logo design.  The one thing I would like to know more is actually how to use the honey.  I’m new to hemp items so have no clue if you eat it, drink it, mix it with something, rub it on my body?  It would be extremely useful to me if I knew more about usage & maybe more on the website about what it does specifically.  I am not familiar with the possibilities?

    Emily H.
  • Fantastic customer service!

    Marina D.
  • Excellent customer service, answered all my questions.  I use the CBD oil at the end of the day to alleviate joint pain and aid in sleeping.

    Deedee S.
  • Hard to improve

    John D.
  • I never ate a lot of plain honey so I really like the added flavors that give me more options for consumption. Really great on its own too.

    Graham T.
  • Love the lavender honey and the high CBD content is far superior to any comparable product!

  • Fantastic company, very knowledgeable young man with integrity, whom stands behind the highest of standards in what is an industry that needs as much of that as possible.  I am never disappointed with Honeybee Hemp farms,from customer service to there top of line products.

  • I LOVE the lavender honey. It’s a must have. Thank you.

    Brenda W.
  • I love how smooth tasting the honey is. It’s also so amazing to support a great cause.

  • everything is excellent. Maybe post more dog pics on the gram

    Jack M.
  • I have been using your products for a year and have loved them all! It’s a real pleasure to work with you and support your mission!

  • I have been using Honeybee Hemp Farm products for about 7 months now and recommend it to everyone I know. Their delivery of high quality products and commitment to regenerative organic agriculture while also making positive impacts to the North Carolina honeybee population keep me coming back for more. The honey is a great addition to any tea, peanut butter snack or cheeseboard and knowing exactly where it comes from and how it’s made makes it even sweeter. A few drops from the tincture have become a part of my nightly routine, helping me unwind the day and get a good night’s rest. Not to mention cost, but HHF is extremely well priced for the quality and effectiveness of their products. I won’t be trying other CBD companies anytime in the near future! My only recommendation to HHF is the honey packaging – the jar is great and the some of the spoons I have do not fit in the jar for scooping but what about a squeezable bottle?

    Will B.
  • High quality products,  Allen is extremely knowledgeable and courteous.

  • Great product. The lavender flavor was interesting. Had to get used to it but really starting to enjoy the taste.

    Sam H.
  • Allen is so helpful in providing useful information about his products. His products are amazing, our entire family loves honeybee hemp!!

    Maggie J.
  • Can’t wait to see the new website

  • Great leadership with an honest objective

    Bob J.
  • The honey taste very good and definitely helps with muscle pains as well as the salve produced by this vendor. Amazing products and very delightful flavors with appropriate amounts of CBD.

    Jeremy J.
  • Everything was perfect, from customer service to the actual product

    Grace C.
  • You were very responsive and helped me learn about CBD and all the good it can do!

  • Honeybee Hemp Farms has the best CBD products I have come across. They are unique and multi-functional. I have used the Lavender & Wildflower infused honey in a variety of our foods and the Beeswax Pain Salve for muscle pains and have truly noticed a difference. The prices are excellent and are packed full of CBD. Allen is so knowledgeable and innovative, I can’t wait to see what else he will come out with. Especially excited about the CBD dog treats! We will be a forever customer.